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Mac, rocking captions and music!

November 29th, 2009 12 comments

PC or Mac, that’s the question, would have said a modern William Shakespeare, right? But seriously,  to make a difference in a slideshow for one of my songs, which would have been the best?? My rookie question bothered me while I was staring at the white threatening device… I was resisting the idea, but my old Compaq is too rusty to make a good results. So, what the hell! I opened the tempting white apple and I let myself go!

Hours after that and having lost the sense of time, I keep working on it, and I am sure it will be awesome. SO this quick note ends here, my creativity is still hungry, I need to keep working 😛 .

I will post some unfinished version here first so you can tell me if I am on the right path (and please be gentle, I am not an expert in this area!).

Btw, the slideshow will be for “Run run run

Kisssss for now/ Natu

Metal season! meeting Joacim Cans, Hammerfall! Körslaget in the air…

November 26th, 2009 188 comments

Music everywhere in this wonderful Nordic land! Metal, pop, hip-hop, electROCKnica wherever I go (this last one, of course! 😛 )

I was about to kick serious ass in my gym but before I needed to nourish my superpowers with a decent salad, so I headed down to the commercial center close home. Kista gallerian. It was crowded as hell, so I focused my sight and I discovered the reason. There was an enormous banner announcing the opening of the new area of Kista Gallerian. And they were celebrating it with a concert! This concert reunited a lot of Swedish artist that have participated in a tv show called körslaget.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay (my spoiled body was asking for pain!) but I had the pleasure of meeting 2 colleagues of mine. I have talked about one of them before, Rigo. The other one was Joacim Cans, frontman and singer of a metal band called HammerFall.

Fortunately Nordic king (who was the one to enlighten part of my life with me his metal fixation) was there with me so he took a picture of us!

Jacim and me

Joacim and me

Black Sabbath » electROCKnica » Natubella = deadly combination!

November 22nd, 2009 16 comments

My N.I.B cover brought up attention and some controversy, of course!

As you know I put up my new song in my Facebook fan page but only for some days, just to test how would it work and what my fans feel about me covering big artist that is far from my own style, like Black Sabbath.

It provoke some controversy among a small group of people, probably big fans (to the guts!) of Black Sabbath who without even giving me or my N.I.B. version a chance, they just complaint about me going into sacred ground… C’mon! Be open minded will never hurt and then if u still don’t like my music (it’s all about a matter of taste) let the aggression aside and leave in peace, right? :)

Anyway, they were a small group as I said. The rest of you had a great response and gave me good feedback, a lot of support and encouraged me to continue in the same path and that’s what makes me happy, MAKE YOU happy! 😀

What’s next? well, there are a lot of plans, remixes, videos, gigs, etc, so keep ears, eyes and mind open.



N.I.B. (Black Sabbath) covered by Natubella!

November 20th, 2009 6 comments

Up in Facebook and ready to be listened before the big release.

Don’t miss it out because it will be only available for the weekend, as I said before.

This version was produced by Povel Ohlsson in Stockholm, Sweden.

The mastering was done in Argentina by Santa Cecilia studio. Brian Iele was the one in charge of it.

I hope you like it :)


Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath

Exclusive prerelease in Facebook. Come now and you can win an album!

November 19th, 2009 3 comments

As I said before, the cover I was preparing is ready now.

I will be launching it on Facebook tomorrow and it will be up only for the weekend. I want to hear your opinions and suggestions.

I will not reveal the name of the original song or the band. Instead I have decided to do a small contest. For the 3 first who answer correctly whose band the song is, I will give away 3 “Little Devil” albums.

The  conditions are not many. You have to be in my fan list on Facebook, of course and you can only guess one time.

I am posting clues in the meanwhile, so if you want to be part of it, you know what you have to do 😉

Have fun!!!!!

Little Devil Album

Little Devil Album

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Killer cover ready for an exclusive pre release in Facebook!

November 17th, 2009 753 comments

It will blown your brain away! 😛

The song will be available only in my Facebook page from this Thursday to Sunday.

And this is just a small advance of what is really coming (video, remix and more), so get ready!

Do you want to know the name and author of the original song? ummm, you will have to wait for that! I will be posting some clues on Facebook so you can guess instead of me revealing it directly, what do you think?


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After struggling with the programming, the electrorock show in the oven!

November 17th, 2009 4 comments

In the verge of a stress fracture I had to call to my 911 help here in Sweden!

You know I was overwhelmed with work… preparing the show, learning a lot in a very short time (you know new programs, virtual instruments, etc) and with a lot of great projects ahead… it was too much! So I did what I have to do and I called Povel Ohlsson, the other of the producers of Little Devil and I asked for some help… He is a really reaaaaaaally busy guy and this time is the worst for him because he is traveling a lot, but he managed to get some free time for me!!!

That was a huge weight removed from my back, to be honest. I was feeling the pressure in a way that was hard for me to actually enjoy my work! And I love what I do… but sometimes it can be a mess.

But no more worries, he’ll help me out so I can also focus on the rest of the things that need to be done and I have the time to share them here with you! 😛

And by the way, the cover is coooooming!!! yeaaaaaaah!

Lost in Cubase, logic pro, VTS and thousands of plugins!!!

November 9th, 2009 1,111 comments

Remember how Bill Murray was completely upside down with the time and the language in “Lost in Translation”? That’s how I feel with the programming in my Mac!
My absence from the blog is because I have been preparing a different live set, instead of the full band format I used before. Now men (woman, actually) and machine will melt together to give an exciting musical experience… actually my brain is melting literally meanwhile I am preparing the set because it’s so muuuuch and hard work! LOL

Programs, plugins, interface, bmp, MIDI, headset, VTS and many more! Names that before they were just sounds in the producers mouths now they are my only focus of attention!
Thank God I’m not alone and my friend and one of the producers of the record, Fernando Montemurro is giving me remote support! But I might need more help… so start praying 😛

That’s all for now. I promise I will write about the progress of this and I will keep you posted about the rest of my work.


Roisin Murphy raises triumphant after the confrontation with Lady Gaga about her similar look and releases her new single online!

November 1st, 2009 47 comments

Rosin Murphy was recently focus of more attention than usual after a big buzz created by Lady Gaga’s resemblance to her look. I have been caught by the gossip, I must admit, and yes, I’ve done some research myself and I think it’s true, but digging deeper I found out that Lady Gaga has similar outfits to many other big stars… Moral of the story? Just a cats’ fight that gave both, Lady Gaga and Roisin Murphy a lot of free publicity. End of the comment! (regarding that 😛 )

Going back to Roisin Murphy,  she has been a source of inspiration for me since she was part of Moloko. Her voice, her look (don’t worry, I’m not like Lady Gaga, I will not copy her! LOL), her style. When Roisin Murphy broke up with her partner/boyfriend, Mark Brydon, and she went solo, I was excited and concerned at the same time; but Roisin did a great work!

And now, the one that is the thief is her! I was planning to release my next single online like she will do tomorrow! (hehe).

Anyway, I’m sure it will be awesome and the online release will be a success. I will be alert and I will post it here at once (or when I have the chance at least).

Meanwhile let’s watch her short video announcing the release on November 2nd of 2009:

Roisin Murphy new release

  Roisin Murphy fans: Discover a NEW electro-artist and add smoking fresh songs to your Ipods! “Harmless Guy?” and “Give Ourselves to Love” are from my debut album “Little Devil”.  Show me love and support by buying them! XXX