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Ski trip to celebrate the beginning of 2010! Åre, Sweden, here we go!

December 28th, 2009 23 comments

I am going on a ski trip to Åre, Sweden, to celebrate new years! isn’t it great? Only 2 days left and I will be there! Between the balance of the whole 2009 and the new projects for 2010, I will be up high ruling the mountain with my skills… To be honest, I have skied only once and it was long long ago, so wish me luck! hehe 😛

I will go with my Nordic King, of course and 8 more friends, so it will be fun.

And I will charge my batteries for the beginning of 2010 that already seems to be very busy (I will be traveling to London in the 1st week of January among other stuff).

I hope you have great plans too :)


Åre, Sweden

EQ music blog spreading Natubella as well!

December 25th, 2009 418 comments

Hey friends! You can find my Christmas package with free songs for downloading in EQ music blog as well… and once you are there, I recommend that you navigate through the posts and articles. I know you’ll love this blog as much as I do :D. It’s filled with music news, videos and lots of reviews, so don’t miss it.



Merry Xmas!!!!

December 23rd, 2009 1 comment

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Little Devil song performed along with Unisoul vocal choir!

December 23rd, 2009 15 comments

Performing with Unisoul Choir tomorrow!

December 20th, 2009 151 comments

I was invited to perform one of my songs with Unisoul Choir in their yearly show tomorrow.

I am happy and I feel  honoured to be part of their performance. I hope you can come too! you can find the information about it here: Boulevard Teatern

Unisoul Choir



I stumble upon Martin Stenmarck in Hallonbergen centrum!

December 16th, 2009 2,072 comments

What a small world! You know that we stars are always busy busy gravitating in the galaxy, right? Well, this time my gravitation was more like a race against the clock,  coz I was running late (for a change) and I stumble upon another Swedish colleague, Martin Stenmarck. He was about to start a show in a small commercial center located in Hallonbergen, Sundbyberg (Stockholm). The small galleria was crowded, full of young girls (I wonder why) as I have never seen it before! but I managed to say hi! and listen to one of his songs before I kept running (but next time I will jump on the stage as well! promised! 😛 ).

Here a coupe of pictures

Martin Stenmarck and Natubella

Martin Stenmarck and Natubella

Martin Stenmarck in action

Martin Stenmarck in action

Vocal choir rehearsing “Keep it Simple”

December 9th, 2009 4 comments

I felt like a thief! Entering in a quite building at night… stealing the far dull sound and then sneaking into the room to finally see them, all gathered together (around 70 persons) and singing one of my songs! Amazing! What can I say? They were so nice and the voices raised in harmony and passion… It touched me deeply.

Thank you  :)

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Unisoul, amazing vocal choir rehearsing my songs!

December 7th, 2009 38 comments

What a great experience to be surrounded by an huge vocal choir (80 persons)!!! and all together singing one of my songs along with me!!! Tomorrow is the day! I will meet UNISOUL vocal choir and rehearse “Little Devil” song with them.

They have been actually working in another song of mine, “Keep it Simple” and they are planning to perform it in their annual presentation, in 2 weeks. The director of the Choir  Cecilia Nedgård and the rest of the members invited me to participate in this presentation as well and of course I agreed but with one condition, that the choir sing with me!

We will film it, of course! So you all will be able to enjoy it as well

I’m going to rest now, I need to be fresh and relaxed tomorrow 😉


Sonia Rykiel for H&M and I almost forgot about MUSIC!

December 2nd, 2009 330 comments

PARIS: a blue illuminated Eiffel Tower in the background…  Cool electronic sounds and a big audience watching dozens of half naked girls on luxury chariots in a very fancy parade! That was the Sonia Rykiel presentation of her new underwear collection for H&M!!!

How can a girl like me concentrate in work with such a big thing going on???

My Achilles heel in no other than shoes and underwear! HOW can H&M sabotage my work in such a way ??? 😛

Well, as a good shopaholic I am waiting for the release of Sonia Rykiel‘s underwear collection, here in Stockholm, so wish me luck, coz there will be blood among the other shopaholics 😉

So forgive me for this parenthesis in the music and let’s go back to work!

Sonia Rykiel for HM

Sonia Rykiel for HM

Sonia Sykiel for HM

Sonia Sykiel for HM

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