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Black Sabbath » electROCKnica » Natubella = deadly combination!

My N.I.B cover brought up attention and some controversy, of course!

As you know I put up my new song in my Facebook fan page but only for some days, just to test how would it work and what my fans feel about me covering big artist that is far from my own style, like Black Sabbath.

It provoke some controversy among a small group of people, probably big fans (to the guts!) of Black Sabbath who without even giving me or my N.I.B. version a chance, they just complaint about me going into sacred ground… C’mon! Be open minded will never hurt and then if u still don’t like my music (it’s all about a matter of taste) let the aggression aside and leave in peace, right? :)

Anyway, they were a small group as I said. The rest of you had a great response and gave me good feedback, a lot of support and encouraged me to continue in the same path and that’s what makes me happy, MAKE YOU happy! 😀

What’s next? well, there are a lot of plans, remixes, videos, gigs, etc, so keep ears, eyes and mind open.



  1. RickE22
    November 25th, 2009 at 02:22 | #1

    I loved it! I’m your n1 fan now :)

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