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LSDA feat Natubella – Red Dancing Girl

July 30th, 2011 7 comments

From the album “Spirituality” LSDA presents “Red Dancing Girl” feat Natubella.



New video out! N.I.B. cover of Black Sabbath by Natubella

March 31st, 2010 57 comments

Director: Tom Weston – (Tom Weston Media)Story line: Natubella is looking for Ozzy in London. She is interacting with famous people in her quest to find Ozzy..

Production: This video is made with still images and some great programs.

The song N.I.B. (NIB) is originally performed by the British metal band Black Sabbath. This cover version is made in the electROCKnica style (a modern fusion of electronica and rock).

A special thanks to Director Tom Weston who have worked endless days with the pictures to make it into a video. We hope you enjoy the video and see the humor in it. Tom Weston is actually a book write and just released his second book called “The elf of Luxembourg”. Check it out!

Artist: Natubella
Song: N.I.B.
Original artist: Black Sabbath
Genre: electROCKnica
Version producer: Povel Ohlsson

Fancy good electronic tango? go for “Buenos Aires Tango Beat” + free download!

March 27th, 2010 876 comments

When you see this sign, look for a download link at the bottom of the post.

You will get a free song of the artist I wrote about!!


Trip hop, low fi,  live accordion lines, guitar, singer and dancers all united in a 2/4 concept that brings Tango out of the box!

Let’s fantasize, let’s think of Astor Piazzola and  Roberto Goyeneche teaming up with Portishead or Morcheeba… the result? No fantasy but a reality!  BUENOS AIRES TANGO BEAT, the superb project of Fernando Montemurro (yes, he was one of the producers of Little Devil 😉 ).

“This project was born at the beginning  of 2000.  Fernando Montemurro is the head behind it, who using machines, synthesizers, and samplers and mixed them up together with bandoneons melodies and tipical sounds of classic tango created this sound that will take you throught a new musical experience…”

The album shares the same name as the project and it was released in 2009. It has 12 marvelous tracks and it had received excellent reviews from all over the world (by the way, the female voices you hear in some of the tracks  it’s me!!!).

Check his sites for more info:  MyspaceFacebook

And listen for yourself to get your own conclusions.

Oh! and be ready because Fernando is taking his Tango show back to the European summer this July!

Buenos Aires Tango Beat

Free download available only for a week!

Rodrigo Moratto’s new single release “Whatever, Whatever”

March 23rd, 2010 17 comments

Remember when I went to London and I played in the EQ live party?  I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with another talented artist there, the sexy Brazilian soloist: Rodrigo Moratto. His charisma, great voice and sex appeal hypnotized the audience (guys and girls equally! Me included :P) and his flirty electro-pop set the dance-floor on fire… what else could you ask, right??

If you want to have some of his music, you can find his new cool single “Whatever, Whatever” available in Itunes for download now.

It will be included in his upcoming album: “Budz In A Sound Drop” which will be released in a near future and it is as great as this single. I will keep you posted about it otherwise you can also find more info in his Myspace.

See him in action and after the show with me (a tiny pic! LOL).

Rodrigo Moratto new single "Whatever, Whatever"

Natubella & Rodrigo Moratto @ EQ Party, February 2010

Faces in Disguise rock/alternative/pop/experimental

March 20th, 2010 49 comments

I have stumbled upon this band and I find it very interesting, so I wanted to share it with you.

The name of the band is : Faces In Disguise. It  is a rock/alternative/pop/experimental  band that began in 2008.

This feisty band is a 4 piece formation with a mix of nationalities (Argentina/Norway and its based in Barcelona Spain) which has been working and paying non stop since they started.

The men behind the Disguise are:  Patricio Felip Insua (Lead Vocals, guitar),  Lucas Rojas Martinez (Guitar, Backing vocals), Albano Manganelli (Drums, Backing vocals), Martin Blech (Bass).

They have just released his album debut:  Niwe Rao. It was recorded in studios from Buenos Aires (El Pie), San Juan (El Hornito) – Both Argentina and in  BCN (Dehesas Viejas) –  Spain.

The band has a successful profile, an excellent background, a lot of fans and really good music, so I am sure we will see and hear it often from now on!

For more info I suggest you check its Facebook fan page or Myspace.

So don’t waste time, go to its oficial site (I linked it before) and download the new cd and get ready for the European tour the band is preparing!

Niwe Rao. cover Art

EQ Trax, new blog to download free electronic music!

March 6th, 2010 34 comments

As you know, one of the parties where I played last time I was in London, was organized by Electroqueer blog or EQ. The blog is wonderful, full of news, releases and articles about the electronic-pop music world (I highly recommend it). Raj Rudolph is one of the responsibles of the blog. A really hard worker that loves what he does (if you start following the blog, you will understand why). I can tell that he is always looking for new ways to improve his work and please EQ followers and what he has done recently proves my point. Check it out, a new blog to download free electro-pop music (with the permission of the artists, of course)!


Lastly! One picture of Raj and me after the show in EQ Live party celebrated in Bar Music Hall, London, last February:

EQ Live party. Me and Raj Rudolph!