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Finishing the record…. Last Song!

I received an ultimatum from the record label: “you have 10 days to finish all the songs as we have booked the mastering studio and the company to print the cds already” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PAAAAAAAAAAAANIC!!!!!

OMG!!! As I wasn’t stressed enough! Pffff… but well, my whole life have been a roller coaster so why would I freak out now?

I have 1 song less according to my plan… so let’s write and write and creaaaaaaaaate!

I was thinking… what if I write something that is a trendy thing nowadays…? Who haven’t thought about this in some moment of their lives? I have! I have fantasized many times (when I was younger of course) and nowadays is the new currency! I mean, Bela Lugosi is obsolete compared to the new ones that are shown in the movies these day (who wouldn’t like to be bitten by Edward Cullen – Robert Pattinson?

Yeah, Vampires! And how to offer our blood to become one…. Hehehe, I think I have the last song cooking inside my head….

vampire song

vampire song

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