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Making the videos, so exiting!

When we planned the videos for “TDG” and “Evolve or Wait”, we knew that we didn’t have a lot of time to put all up, do the shooting and staying there until the videos were ready. We never thought it wouldn’t be that difficult… but, it was! Hehe, we had to run from one side to other, have meetings booking the studio and of course we had to go over the stories and the directors to avoid misunderstanding (of course there were, but that’s another story). Nevertheless, we made it safe and sound all the way!

I was so exited because I was about to do 2 videos with 2 different teams, 2 different styles and both really professional and gifted! The night before the shootings I couldn’t even sleep (not that I do that a lot)!

Anyway, the first video “Evolve or Wait” was the less complicate. Mostly done with photo animation, therefore the work was smooth, quick and fun! I had to get ready for the pictures: make up, hair, clothes… the strike the pose! Actually thousand poses to have all the moves for the animations! My music in the back… and all the people, so kind but at the same time so dedicated to the work!

The second video (shot first actually) was a bit different… 2 days of shooting in a very, very cold studio… Make up, hair and the poor model/actor that was half naked almost the whole shooting! Hehe, not that he didn’t have the body for it (the girls in the crew couldn’t take their eyes away from him 😛 ) but poor guy, fighting hard not to become an ice cube… (You should have seen him training in between the scenes just to keep himself ALIVE)
Anyway! a lot of takes and between scene and scene, some warm coffee and some snack to keep it warm! No cuddling helped! The second day the electricity went off for a while… DISASTER! They were all nervous because of the tight schedule with us and the studio. But finally the electricity was restored and all came back to “normal”. We had to stay 3 more hours; but we did it, we went through all as was planned, and thanx to the team and the management all ended up well. Of course that I had a great time ever and in a way I suffered the less (artist’s rights 😛 ).
So be ready, because soon you will see the results!


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