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nightclubbing in Stockholm!

Friday night, not much plans until I received a msg from my friend/producer Povel Ohlsson inviting me to a gig where he was playing.

The artist he was playing with is Johan Kinde, a Swede singer/songwriter that had his shinny moment in the late 70s’ when he was part and head of a pop band named Lustans Lakejer.

The show was interesting and the audience even better! (but I keep that for myself 😉 ). He is presenting  his new work, though I can say that he played some “oldies” due to his fan’s reactions.

Everyone had a great time! And Povel, impeccable in the drums as usual.

Here some pictures of that night!

And if you want to hear some of his music, you can go to his myspace here: Johan Kinde

Povel with Johan Kinde

Johan Kinde

Johan Kinde & Povel Ohlsson

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