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Sheffield Pride line up 2011

July 2nd, 2011 59 comments

Sheffield Pride

Full line up here… I know, it’s a bit small… but click on the image and you will be redirected to the event! See you there 😀

Metal season! meeting Joacim Cans, Hammerfall! Körslaget in the air…

November 26th, 2009 189 comments

Music everywhere in this wonderful Nordic land! Metal, pop, hip-hop, electROCKnica wherever I go (this last one, of course! 😛 )

I was about to kick serious ass in my gym but before I needed to nourish my superpowers with a decent salad, so I headed down to the commercial center close home. Kista gallerian. It was crowded as hell, so I focused my sight and I discovered the reason. There was an enormous banner announcing the opening of the new area of Kista Gallerian. And they were celebrating it with a concert! This concert reunited a lot of Swedish artist that have participated in a tv show called körslaget.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay (my spoiled body was asking for pain!) but I had the pleasure of meeting 2 colleagues of mine. I have talked about one of them before, Rigo. The other one was Joacim Cans, frontman and singer of a metal band called HammerFall.

Fortunately Nordic king (who was the one to enlighten part of my life with me his metal fixation) was there with me so he took a picture of us!

Jacim and me

Joacim and me