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Tecnoctitlan electro-pop-rock duet with latin blood

March 13th, 2010 7 comments

I am so happy because I had the pleasure to share the stage with such talented bands/artists when I was in UK last February.

Tecnoctitlan was one of those bands that was also in the line up of EQ live party.

This  two piece formation literally rocked the stage and our ears! It was amazing!

With a rock-glam look, the sexy bitches (as they have been called, with justice) brought the house down in a short but very effective electro-pop-rock set…  yes! they had me wanting for more!

Milena in vocals and guitar,  Ariel in keyboards, vocals and programming and as a special guest, Laura Fares (Sam Sparro and Disco Damage) who played the drums with perfection, they were a great combination for the night (and the best is that the 3 of them are from Argentina, hehe).

I suggest that you check Tecnoctitlan myspace so you can read all about them, listen to their music and be alert for their upcoming release “The Feathered Snake” EP

Here you can see them in action:

Tecnoctitlan in EQ live party

EQ Trax, new blog to download free electronic music!

March 6th, 2010 34 comments

As you know, one of the parties where I played last time I was in London, was organized by Electroqueer blog or EQ. The blog is wonderful, full of news, releases and articles about the electronic-pop music world (I highly recommend it). Raj Rudolph is one of the responsibles of the blog. A really hard worker that loves what he does (if you start following the blog, you will understand why). I can tell that he is always looking for new ways to improve his work and please EQ followers and what he has done recently proves my point. Check it out, a new blog to download free electro-pop music (with the permission of the artists, of course)!


Lastly! One picture of Raj and me after the show in EQ Live party celebrated in Bar Music Hall, London, last February:

EQ Live party. Me and Raj Rudolph!

EQ live at Bar Music Hall, London, kicked ass!

February 23rd, 2010 16 comments

As you already know my stay in London was due to several gigs I was performing there.

One of them was in the Electroqueer live party, a cool gathering of live bands, dj and hungry ears that was organized by the lovely blogger Raj Rudolph. The party was a complete success! But better than my words, check here EQ’s article about that day :)

I will be posting more pictures and news about the rest of my trip soon, so keep your eyes open! 😀

Natubella performed in ExS party by Hoxton Lab, at Bar Music Hall, London!

February 16th, 2010 25 comments

Check out the pictures of the show!

eXs by Hoxton Lab held in Bar Music Hall, London

Natubella in ExS, Hoton Lab, at Bar Music Hall, London.

Natubella in ExS, Hoxton Lab at Bar Music Hall, London.

Natubella & Nordic King in ExS, Hoxton Lab, at Bar Music Hall, London.

The pictures were taken by our friends Jane and Martin!!!!

Special thanks to Erica Mainini and Marco Morano who as Hoxton Lab, organize the wonderful ExS parties every month!

I also want to thank all the fans and friends that were there giving support and showing their love!

See you next weekend in EQ live party (Electroqueer) and in The Bridge House II!