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October 20th, 2008 8 comments

Song & video inspired on the “Spore” game.
The game is about you creating a character and make it evolve through different stages… so we did an emulation of it, in our own way ;).

I hope you enjoy it as we did!

I told part of the story of the song before… now the video! We have the luck of working with an excellent team: Aveztruz. An Argentinean video maker’s team. Rocio & Lisandro as the heads of it. Kind and sensitive people that understands and take our humor and put it in images.

We had great time doing it. It was done in Argentina and of course my direct participation was short compared to all the postproduction they did.

Good WORK! That of course it would have been impossible if my manager wasn’t there… Good that he could make it and stay until all was done!




Evolve or wait!

June 8th, 2008 38 comments

How many of you have to fight hard ideas when it comes to work?? I am not different so you know… this song… when the idea of making it arrived to my hands I was happy and enthusiastic! The song was inspired in the upcoming “Spore” video game (a sort of SIM game, where you create your character from start and you make it evolve in different environments).

The thing is that I co wrote the song with a very special person… and you don’t know how strict he can be when it comes to his work!

Hehe… really! I found myself putting music and a melody to some lyrics and at the same time trying to understand his creation… I guess it turned to be a good song! But believe me, it was hard to make HIM happy!!

On the other hand, I had a great musician helping me so the process was smoother in a way.

Soon you will be hearing it, promised! 😉