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Getting close to Xmas

December 23rd, 2013 1,275 comments

I didn’t write a letter to Santa… but I guess this says it all, isn’t it?

XXX Santa!! Bring me some nice presents this time!

Exciting new year’s celebration, skiing in Åre, Sweden!

January 4th, 2010 120 comments

This new start of the year was completely different from me. Instead of the usual sun and warmth from Argentina, I went to Åre, Sweden, right to the snow and coldness to celebrate with with my Nordic King and some friends the upcoming 2010.

Words are not enough to describe the beauty I’ve seen there and the fear I have had in the immensity mountains. The landscape was overwhelming. So I better show you some pictures instead!

From the bus, arriving to Åre, Sweden

Going doooooooooooown!

After a long day of skiing in Åre, Sweden

I hope that you all have had amazing celebrations and I wish all your dreams come true in this 2010 (but don’t forget you are direct responsible of that! 😉 ).

After 3 days of “almost” complete relaxation…

July 10th, 2009 14 comments

back to work!

I have been gone for some days. I needed it. I was exhausted and I am still, but some days away allowed me to relax and to recover some energy. People don’t realize, but if you don’t stop the routine from time to time, work and life in general become sticky and not 100% productive!

Fortunately I could take some days off (I said almost, because I will not lie, I worked a bit :/ ) and I visited the south of Sweden (Malmo to be exact) and Copenhagen!  Beautiful places, warm weather and lovely company!

Here some pictures of the places I’ve been: