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Sounds of Glory by LSDA

June 29th, 2013 27,016 comments

I want to share with you the latest work of one of my favorite electronic artists LSDA.

“Sounds of GLory”

Give it a listen and comment!!! Enjoy

Lots of love

LSDA feat Natubella – Red Dancing Girl

July 30th, 2011 7 comments

From the album “Spirituality” LSDA presents “Red Dancing Girl” feat Natubella.



LSDA feat Natubella: “To Me”

April 1st, 2011 78 comments

Start the weekend dancing to a good electro-break beat!
“To Me” feat Natubella, a song from the record “Spirituality” LSDA‘s new work.



Track 11 – “To Me” by LSDA

LSDA New Album: Spirituality

February 3rd, 2011 22 comments

After months of hard work, the Argentinean Fernando Montemurro, the person behind LSDA, proudly presents his 4th album: SPIRITUALITY… and I can honestly say that his hard work paid off!

With an interesting art cover (inspired by the movie “Moon”) “Spirituality” gets you first through your eyes just to hypnotize you moments after with its modern sound…  With influences such as Justice, Soulwax, New Order, Infusion (the list goes on), this new album will make you discover new ways of electronic, psychedelic and rock.

It’s a great work, tight and highly well produced and I can say that LSDA has the understanding of the current electronic music scene to make his mark.

Some details of the album:

S P I R I T U A L I T Y – LSDA (Marzo – 2011)

01 Preludio// 02 When The Music Comes // 03 Keep Your Head Down //04 Falling Down // 05 Dancing Fire // 06 It´s Good To Be Here // 07 My All Is You // 08 Change The Mode // 09 The Sin // 10 Lovely Day // 11 To Me // 12 Red Dancing Girl // 13 Nuclear Milk // 14 Spirituality

LSDA, Los Sueños de Anderson, is Fernando Montemurro

All songs are composed, produced and played by F. Montemurro, except track 08, (Music: F. Montemurro, Lyrics: Nazareno Villa Abrille). Track 12, (Music: F. Montemurro, Lyrics : F. Montemurro – Natubella YEAH ME!!!!). Track 13, (F. Montemurro – Brian Iele).

LSDA: Samplers, synthesizers and programming.
L-Dance (los lenguas): Singing in track 07
Nazareno Villa Abrille: Singing in track 08,
Natubella: Singing in track 12
Brian Iele: Synthesizers and programming track 13.

General and Artistic production: LSDA
Aditional production, mix and mastering: Brian Iele

Masterized @ Santa Cecilia Sound (

Design, concept and art cover: Monsieur (

LSDA - Spirituality - 2011

Track 09 – “The Sin” by LSDA

LSDA useful links:



Official website

Roisin Murphy raises triumphant after the confrontation with Lady Gaga about her similar look and releases her new single online!

November 1st, 2009 47 comments

Rosin Murphy was recently focus of more attention than usual after a big buzz created by Lady Gaga’s resemblance to her look. I have been caught by the gossip, I must admit, and yes, I’ve done some research myself and I think it’s true, but digging deeper I found out that Lady Gaga has similar outfits to many other big stars… Moral of the story? Just a cats’ fight that gave both, Lady Gaga and Roisin Murphy a lot of free publicity. End of the comment! (regarding that 😛 )

Going back to Roisin Murphy,  she has been a source of inspiration for me since she was part of Moloko. Her voice, her look (don’t worry, I’m not like Lady Gaga, I will not copy her! LOL), her style. When Roisin Murphy broke up with her partner/boyfriend, Mark Brydon, and she went solo, I was excited and concerned at the same time; but Roisin did a great work!

And now, the one that is the thief is her! I was planning to release my next single online like she will do tomorrow! (hehe).

Anyway, I’m sure it will be awesome and the online release will be a success. I will be alert and I will post it here at once (or when I have the chance at least).

Meanwhile let’s watch her short video announcing the release on November 2nd of 2009:

Roisin Murphy new release

  Roisin Murphy fans: Discover a NEW electro-artist and add smoking fresh songs to your Ipods! “Harmless Guy?” and “Give Ourselves to Love” are from my debut album “Little Devil”.  Show me love and support by buying them! XXX

“Massive attack” show brought back old memories…

October 19th, 2009 117 comments
LSDA & Natubella

LSDA & Natubella

I read in a magazine that they were touring and they were coming here to Stockholm and I couldn’t help to remember when I was part of LSDA and we shared stage with them. It was not only a magical night, but an honour for us to be part of that big festival and play before them. It’s not necessary clarify that our performance was great and the audience loved Fernando Montemurro’s work (Creator of LSDA and also a good friend and one of the producer of “Little Devil“)  😛


Lsda, Fernando Montemurro, Nazareno Villa Abrille & Natubella

Going back to Massive Attack, they have been always great influence, so as you can imagine, I couldn’t hold myself and I bought tickets for the event (no way I was gonna miss it). Nordic king was dragged with me (he has no choice as I have been attending , hehe!).

The show was superb. They played a lot of “oldies” which I personally love and the gig was entertaining, lively and with an impeccable  aesthetic. The lighting and the images were elaborated and fit perfectly with the songs and what they wanted to communicate. “Tear drop” version, was flawless!

I would have liked to have a better camera with me, but I only had my phone… so the pictures are not the best, but will give you an idea of how it was.

I also added some pictures of 2006, when we performed in the same festival than them.


Massive Attack in Stockholm 2009


Massive Attack in Stockholm 2009 - Tear Drop


Attending Massive Attack show, this time on the other side of the stage!