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The Dark Mills Festival pictures!

September 13th, 2010 1 comment

Finally, 2 nice captions taken by Richard Ellington last Sunday 5th of September at the Dark Mills Festival!

Check them out

Natubella by Richard Ellington @ Dark Mills Festival, September 2010.

Natubella by Richard Ellington @ Dark Mills Festival, September 2010.

Mewbox & All Teeth presents Natubella live, at the Buffalo bar, London!

September 11th, 2010 3 comments

All Teeth presenting Natubella Live @ the Buffalo Bar, London.

This Thursday 16th, Mewbox presents ALL TEETH party! With live performances of (me) Natubella, Shh & Katja Von Kassel @ Buffalo Bar, London.

The Dark Mills Festival was a success!

September 10th, 2010 No comments

Natubella at the Dark Mills Festival, London 2010

I know, I know it is not the best picture, but more will come soon! It was so much fun!!! Thanks to everyone for being there!

Planning the next tours!

July 17th, 2010 1 comment

My absence is justified. I am working improving the live show because I am organizing the next months… tours mainly and new songs as well. London, Amsterdam, Italy, Argentina, etc etcetcetcetc…

I will write down some of the info (places & dates) soon, so keep connected!



In Action!

Stardoll, more than playing with dolls!

June 10th, 2010 6 comments

“Stardoll” is a really fun virtual doll house, where you can create your doll (boys and girls) and interact with other dolls, socialize, play games, etc.

I invite you to check it up… You will find fun games such as dress Natubella for a gig!

I-Beat: first blog about Argentinian electronic music!

April 18th, 2010 894 comments

I was interviewed by Fernando and Federico, the creators of a cool new Argentinian blog about electronic music: I-BEAT . They state they are the first ones on develop such a thematic blog about Argentinian electronic music.

You will find articles about everything related to the genre, not only artists! Here is a brief description of how they came up with such idea and what is their work about:

“Ibeat was born when we, Federico and Nando, friends,  found out that there was not a magazine or site specialized in Argentinian electronic music.
” – The first idea was to create a kind of digital magazine, with issues like software, hardware, events, interviews and more. Then we realized that it was a difficult job, so we started our work as a blog instead.

” – Our goal is to give information about electronic music from all around the globe, but specially from Argentina.

” – We write an amount of 45 post per month about new hardware and software, releases, events, producers, Djs and live shows.

“The blog was targeted on Spanish readers first, but due to the increasing amount of visitors from all over the world we have just started a new site, which includes most of the posts but this time in English.”

So check the blog out and as I always say, take your own conclusions!

No, my interview is not there yet, but soon it will be! so I’ll let you know 😉

I-Beat blog

Storm the Charts, the most ambitious chart campaing in Facebook!

April 14th, 2010 12 comments

Storm the charts! Vote for Natubella

Very interest chart campaign generated in Facebook. It will basically place 40 bands that are not released by the big labels into the mainstream charts from UK.

You are welcome to vote for me!!!

All your love and your support is wonderful!

New video out! N.I.B. cover of Black Sabbath by Natubella

March 31st, 2010 57 comments

Director: Tom Weston – (Tom Weston Media)Story line: Natubella is looking for Ozzy in London. She is interacting with famous people in her quest to find Ozzy..

Production: This video is made with still images and some great programs.

The song N.I.B. (NIB) is originally performed by the British metal band Black Sabbath. This cover version is made in the electROCKnica style (a modern fusion of electronica and rock).

A special thanks to Director Tom Weston who have worked endless days with the pictures to make it into a video. We hope you enjoy the video and see the humor in it. Tom Weston is actually a book write and just released his second book called “The elf of Luxembourg”. Check it out!

Artist: Natubella
Song: N.I.B.
Original artist: Black Sabbath
Genre: electROCKnica
Version producer: Povel Ohlsson

Natubella live – London – video

March 2nd, 2010 3 comments

Natubella & Nordic King at “The Bridge House II” in Canning Town, London

The Bridge House II, London. Successful electro party!

February 28th, 2010 9 comments

Canning Town, London.

4 Bands.

Argentina & England.

Pure Electro (with hints of pop and rock).


See it for yourself:

Shh live in "The Bridge House II", Canning Town, London

Vile Electrodes in "The Bridge House II", Canning Town, London

Electro Falco in "The Bridge House II", Canning Town, London.

Natubella in "The Bridge House II", Canning Town, London

On Argentina’s side: Shh & Natubella

On England’s side: Vile Electrodes & Electro Falco

The Venue: The Bridge House II

Natubella performed in ExS party by Hoxton Lab, at Bar Music Hall, London!

February 16th, 2010 25 comments

Check out the pictures of the show!

eXs by Hoxton Lab held in Bar Music Hall, London

Natubella in ExS, Hoton Lab, at Bar Music Hall, London.

Natubella in ExS, Hoxton Lab at Bar Music Hall, London.

Natubella & Nordic King in ExS, Hoxton Lab, at Bar Music Hall, London.

The pictures were taken by our friends Jane and Martin!!!!

Special thanks to Erica Mainini and Marco Morano who as Hoxton Lab, organize the wonderful ExS parties every month!

I also want to thank all the fans and friends that were there giving support and showing their love!

See you next weekend in EQ live party (Electroqueer) and in The Bridge House II!


Natubella live in London!!

February 8th, 2010 6 comments

Yes, after working hard the whole year, I will be finally playing live again! This time, I will be doing a mini tour in a wonderful city: London!

I will be playing at Hoxton Lab’s EXS party on the 13th (celebrating Valentine’s day!!!), at EQ Live party (Electroqueer) on the 19th and in Bridge House II on the 21 st.

All of them are free entrance, so you have no excuse, you must come!

I’ll see you there, then 😉


What a “Bad Man”!

October 25th, 2009 36 comments

but what a great performance our friend did!              We attended a friend’s release party this Friday.

Rigo in action!

Rigo in action!

The venue? Lilla Hotellbaren / Hotel Scandic Malmen. The artist? The charismatic Rigo (he is best known as one of the two front figures in the Infinite Mass) who was presenting his new soloist album: Bad Man.

The show? A wonderful performance with a great band and a special drummer (Povel Ohlsson! 😉 ).

It was fun, entertaining and he left us wanting for more! It was the Hell of a party!

After the show, music, drinks and chitchat!

Rigo & Natubella

Rigo & Natubella

We had a wonderful time 😀

Modern torture!

October 17th, 2009 255 comments

I was walking home, crossing through the galleria heading to the subway.

I know this place like the palm of my hand and to be honest, there is nothing surprising in the shops that are there, so my walk was fast.

But this time, an incense aroma and this exotic soft music, caught my attention. I looked and I saw this little sweet Chinese trying to catch my attention. She was promoting this new shop there and she offered me a free consultation.

I looked inside the shop and I saw a lot of jars full of herbs with weird inscriptions. The music and the lighting all inviting me to go in, so I accepted (not before realizing that they offered acupuncture and massages).

This sweet old and small Chinese dr interviewed me. It was a bit hard, she speaks Chinese mainly, some Swedish and almost no English… I hardly speak Swedish, but I managed to make myself clear about me, my back and my stress!

She invited me to go into a room… she would cure me!

What happened after was kinda bizarre… Me on the torture bed with this woman needling me from top to toe! She placed a heater over my back, warming me a little bit too much! Then I was left alone for a while.

My head soar and pulsating for the pain (one of the needles was hurting me crazy). My lower back felt paralyzed and my neck burning in flames thanks to the heater. I tried to move… to make some noise… something! -someone there??? I’m buuuuuuuurning– but no response.

You know when you are in those situations it’s really hard, because if you speak, you move or even if you think it feels like you shouldn’t, you are there, you accepted the terms and if you say something, it’s not allowed! 😛

Anyway, after some minutes, which seemed to be eternal for me, the heater stopped -thank God it has a timer!– The sweet old lady came in and she ask me: all good??? in her limited english. Well, I started to say… but she didn’t wait for my answer and she removed all the needles fast before I could snooze! –relieeeeeeeeef!

I was still on the bench, on my stomach, laying there, not knowing what to do or what she was doing… I heard her moving and touching things. She approached me again. I said: Is it finished? She: nonono! And right after I heard she used a lighter –will she set me on fire?– then without letting me ask, she placed something in my back, that suck a piece of my skin! (cupping therapy) –OMG!

At that point I just left myself go… The cupping was not that dramatic and I actually started to enjoy it… but this little old lady had something else for me, so after 10 minutes she returned and she gave me a HAAAAAARD massage, meanwhile she was asking: Painful? Painful? (I wonder if it was sadism what made her ask!) OF COUUUUUUURSE!!!!

The session ended and I actually was feeling GOOD! So I rebook it for next week 😛

Here are some pictures that will show you what I’ve been through…




brunch, wildernes and football in Stockholm, what a Saturday!!

October 11th, 2009 20 comments

My Saturday started late… as you already know I am a creature of the night, therefore my days end really late (or early depending on the point of view) and start close to midday (rock & roll life style, yeah!). We woke up fast, dressed quickly and run to meet another of my friends/producer Lars Nyström. It was his Birthday so we invited him to have lunch with us (Nordic King & me). We had a sleepy wonderful brunch in a lovely place of Stockholm.

After that and referring to the title, Nordic king and me went to the beautiful park Skansen full of Swedish animals and typical old farms.

Beautiful weather, nice scenery and great company! What else would you ask?!

After one hour of nature we run back home in a picturesque rail-car (rail-buss). We arrived right on time to baked some home made pizzas (yeah! I made them! I love cooking) and we got ready for the football game: Denmark vs Sweden (Sweden lost so there are no chances for them to go to the world cup :( Let’s see how Argentina behaves!).

Here some of the pictures I took

Swedish farm


lazy moose

swedish red berry tree