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Welcome 2013!!!

January 1st, 2013 450 comments

Don’t wish world peace, make it happen with small everyday actions!

Be committed, responsible, spiritual and sensitive, not blind, selfish and reckless.


You want love? Start by expressing it to the people close to you. More love will come as a result ?

Don’t wish for prosperity, be prosperous, positive and constructive with your thoughts.

Whatever you believe is your reality and it will manifest in your life.

Don’t expect the world to end in order to start changing, the change starts  now and within ourselves.

Happy fucking new year!!! Let the music be with you!!!!

Welcome 2012!!!

January 1st, 2012 No comments

How interesting to hear and read all the new year’s wishes. Even though the messages differ, most of people seem to be hoping for a better year. I say, let’s stop hoping and let’s make it happen instead! We are responsible of most of our future, so let’s start molding it with positive thoughts and actions! Welcome 2012 with a lot of music!

Happy new year! Welcome 2012

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Exciting new year’s celebration, skiing in Åre, Sweden!

January 4th, 2010 120 comments

This new start of the year was completely different from me. Instead of the usual sun and warmth from Argentina, I went to Åre, Sweden, right to the snow and coldness to celebrate with with my Nordic King and some friends the upcoming 2010.

Words are not enough to describe the beauty I’ve seen there and the fear I have had in the immensity mountains. The landscape was overwhelming. So I better show you some pictures instead!

From the bus, arriving to Åre, Sweden

Going doooooooooooown!

After a long day of skiing in Åre, Sweden

I hope that you all have had amazing celebrations and I wish all your dreams come true in this 2010 (but don’t forget you are direct responsible of that! 😉 ).

Ski trip to celebrate the beginning of 2010! Åre, Sweden, here we go!

December 28th, 2009 23 comments

I am going on a ski trip to Åre, Sweden, to celebrate new years! isn’t it great? Only 2 days left and I will be there! Between the balance of the whole 2009 and the new projects for 2010, I will be up high ruling the mountain with my skills… To be honest, I have skied only once and it was long long ago, so wish me luck! hehe 😛

I will go with my Nordic King, of course and 8 more friends, so it will be fun.

And I will charge my batteries for the beginning of 2010 that already seems to be very busy (I will be traveling to London in the 1st week of January among other stuff).

I hope you have great plans too :)


Åre, Sweden