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Faces in Disguise rock/alternative/pop/experimental

March 20th, 2010 49 comments

I have stumbled upon this band and I find it very interesting, so I wanted to share it with you.

The name of the band is : Faces In Disguise. It  is a rock/alternative/pop/experimental  band that began in 2008.

This feisty band is a 4 piece formation with a mix of nationalities (Argentina/Norway and its based in Barcelona Spain) which has been working and paying non stop since they started.

The men behind the Disguise are:  Patricio Felip Insua (Lead Vocals, guitar),  Lucas Rojas Martinez (Guitar, Backing vocals), Albano Manganelli (Drums, Backing vocals), Martin Blech (Bass).

They have just released his album debut:  Niwe Rao. It was recorded in studios from Buenos Aires (El Pie), San Juan (El Hornito) – Both Argentina and in  BCN (Dehesas Viejas) –  Spain.

The band has a successful profile, an excellent background, a lot of fans and really good music, so I am sure we will see and hear it often from now on!

For more info I suggest you check its Facebook fan page or Myspace.

So don’t waste time, go to its oficial site (I linked it before) and download the new cd and get ready for the European tour the band is preparing!

Niwe Rao. cover Art