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Mac, rocking captions and music!

November 29th, 2009 12 comments

PC or Mac, that’s the question, would have said a modern William Shakespeare, right? But seriously,  to make a difference in a slideshow for one of my songs, which would have been the best?? My rookie question bothered me while I was staring at the white threatening device… I was resisting the idea, but my old Compaq is too rusty to make a good results. So, what the hell! I opened the tempting white apple and I let myself go!

Hours after that and having lost the sense of time, I keep working on it, and I am sure it will be awesome. SO this quick note ends here, my creativity is still hungry, I need to keep working 😛 .

I will post some unfinished version here first so you can tell me if I am on the right path (and please be gentle, I am not an expert in this area!).

Btw, the slideshow will be for “Run run run

Kisssss for now/ Natu