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Robyn in David Letterman’s show playing with Povel Ohlsson

July 20th, 2010 239 comments

Robyn, the Swedish singer went to USA, to David Letterman’s show and guess who was one of the fabulous musicians that plays with her??? Povel Ohlson. Yes, he is one of my producers. You can see him in this video (he is the drum player on the left).

This is Robyn’s new single “Dancing On My Own” of her new Album”Body Talk PT.1″, Enjoy the excellent performance:

New video out! N.I.B. cover of Black Sabbath by Natubella

March 31st, 2010 57 comments

Director: Tom Weston – (Tom Weston Media)Story line: Natubella is looking for Ozzy in London. She is interacting with famous people in her quest to find Ozzy..

Production: This video is made with still images and some great programs.

The song N.I.B. (NIB) is originally performed by the British metal band Black Sabbath. This cover version is made in the electROCKnica style (a modern fusion of electronica and rock).

A special thanks to Director Tom Weston who have worked endless days with the pictures to make it into a video. We hope you enjoy the video and see the humor in it. Tom Weston is actually a book write and just released his second book called “The elf of Luxembourg”. Check it out!

Artist: Natubella
Song: N.I.B.
Original artist: Black Sabbath
Genre: electROCKnica
Version producer: Povel Ohlsson

N.I.B. (Black Sabbath) covered by Natubella!

November 20th, 2009 6 comments

Up in Facebook and ready to be listened before the big release.

Don’t miss it out because it will be only available for the weekend, as I said before.

This version was produced by Povel Ohlsson in Stockholm, Sweden.

The mastering was done in Argentina by Santa Cecilia studio. Brian Iele was the one in charge of it.

I hope you like it :)


Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath

After struggling with the programming, the electrorock show in the oven!

November 17th, 2009 4 comments

In the verge of a stress fracture I had to call to my 911 help here in Sweden!

You know I was overwhelmed with work… preparing the show, learning a lot in a very short time (you know new programs, virtual instruments, etc) and with a lot of great projects ahead… it was too much! So I did what I have to do and I called Povel Ohlsson, the other of the producers of Little Devil and I asked for some help… He is a really reaaaaaaally busy guy and this time is the worst for him because he is traveling a lot, but he managed to get some free time for me!!!

That was a huge weight removed from my back, to be honest. I was feeling the pressure in a way that was hard for me to actually enjoy my work! And I love what I do… but sometimes it can be a mess.

But no more worries, he’ll help me out so I can also focus on the rest of the things that need to be done and I have the time to share them here with you! 😛

And by the way, the cover is coooooming!!! yeaaaaaaah!

What a “Bad Man”!

October 25th, 2009 36 comments

but what a great performance our friend did!              We attended a friend’s release party this Friday.

Rigo in action!

Rigo in action!

The venue? Lilla Hotellbaren / Hotel Scandic Malmen. The artist? The charismatic Rigo (he is best known as one of the two front figures in the Infinite Mass) who was presenting his new soloist album: Bad Man.

The show? A wonderful performance with a great band and a special drummer (Povel Ohlsson! 😉 ).

It was fun, entertaining and he left us wanting for more! It was the Hell of a party!

After the show, music, drinks and chitchat!

Rigo & Natubella

Rigo & Natubella

We had a wonderful time 😀

nightclubbing in Stockholm!

October 10th, 2009 11 comments

Friday night, not much plans until I received a msg from my friend/producer Povel Ohlsson inviting me to a gig where he was playing.

The artist he was playing with is Johan Kinde, a Swede singer/songwriter that had his shinny moment in the late 70s’ when he was part and head of a pop band named Lustans Lakejer.

The show was interesting and the audience even better! (but I keep that for myself 😉 ). He is presenting  his new work, though I can say that he played some “oldies” due to his fan’s reactions.

Everyone had a great time! And Povel, impeccable in the drums as usual.

Here some pictures of that night!

And if you want to hear some of his music, you can go to his myspace here: Johan Kinde

Povel with Johan Kinde

Johan Kinde

Johan Kinde & Povel Ohlsson

a broken voice in a recording session!

October 8th, 2009 40 comments

Last night and even though my voice is still affected by the flu, we had an awesome recording session here in Stockholm.

I prepared my voice at home, some vocalization and breathing exercises… and that was enough to get it as perfect as I could! It was a whisky/wasted voice, but sexy as hell! 😛 so I decided to take advantage on it and I think it paid off! But you will be the judges.

It was exciting session with my producer and friend Povel Ohlsson (you can see some pictures of me an him here, in an old post). He is great and he certainly knows how to get me in the right mood!

I can’t wait for you to listen to the results, but the production is not completely done… Povel needs to fix it a bit before it’s perfect… But soon I will be posting it 😀