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I-Beat: first blog about Argentinian electronic music!

April 18th, 2010 894 comments

I was interviewed by Fernando and Federico, the creators of a cool new Argentinian blog about electronic music: I-BEAT . They state they are the first ones on develop such a thematic blog about Argentinian electronic music.

You will find articles about everything related to the genre, not only artists! Here is a brief description of how they came up with such idea and what is their work about:

“Ibeat was born when we, Federico and Nando, friends,  found out that there was not a magazine or site specialized in Argentinian electronic music.
” – The first idea was to create a kind of digital magazine, with issues like software, hardware, events, interviews and more. Then we realized that it was a difficult job, so we started our work as a blog instead.

” – Our goal is to give information about electronic music from all around the globe, but specially from Argentina.

” – We write an amount of 45 post per month about new hardware and software, releases, events, producers, Djs and live shows.

“The blog was targeted on Spanish readers first, but due to the increasing amount of visitors from all over the world we have just started a new site, which includes most of the posts but this time in English.”

So check the blog out and as I always say, take your own conclusions!

No, my interview is not there yet, but soon it will be! so I’ll let you know 😉

I-Beat blog

Little Devil’s review by EQ

May 6th, 2009 2,811 comments

Raj Rudolph is EQ, a cool music blog that I’m sure you will enjoy as I do! And even more after the review he did about Little Devil 😉

Check the Blog here:

And here is the review:

Thanx for all the support Raj!

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Garage bands

April 3rd, 2009 2 comments

Have you seen that site? Well it’s a site for indie artists to get some feedback about their music. I put the song TDG there and started to get reviews. I wasn’t sure what to categorize the song as,  since they haven’t the choice of electROCKnica 😛 , so it’s added in a competition for alternative rock. Well check the reviews from the people on garage bands here. (P.S. I had to register myself as “1_Natubella” to be able to use my name…  just if you wonder why it looks wierd there….