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Some music I love

April 23rd, 2014 335 comments

Yes, I know, I haven’t been updating the blogg in a while! I have a lot of posts to share with you, but I need time to put them up!!! So meanwhile, here is some music that has inspired me and my own music.

Garbage and “Cherry Lips” video.

Hope u love’em as I do

Enjoy! <3


LSDA New Album: Spirituality

February 3rd, 2011 22 comments

After months of hard work, the Argentinean Fernando Montemurro, the person behind LSDA, proudly presents his 4th album: SPIRITUALITY… and I can honestly say that his hard work paid off!

With an interesting art cover (inspired by the movie “Moon”) “Spirituality” gets you first through your eyes just to hypnotize you moments after with its modern sound…  With influences such as Justice, Soulwax, New Order, Infusion (the list goes on), this new album will make you discover new ways of electronic, psychedelic and rock.

It’s a great work, tight and highly well produced and I can say that LSDA has the understanding of the current electronic music scene to make his mark.

Some details of the album:

S P I R I T U A L I T Y – LSDA (Marzo – 2011)

01 Preludio// 02 When The Music Comes // 03 Keep Your Head Down //04 Falling Down // 05 Dancing Fire // 06 It´s Good To Be Here // 07 My All Is You // 08 Change The Mode // 09 The Sin // 10 Lovely Day // 11 To Me // 12 Red Dancing Girl // 13 Nuclear Milk // 14 Spirituality

LSDA, Los Sueños de Anderson, is Fernando Montemurro

All songs are composed, produced and played by F. Montemurro, except track 08, (Music: F. Montemurro, Lyrics: Nazareno Villa Abrille). Track 12, (Music: F. Montemurro, Lyrics : F. Montemurro – Natubella YEAH ME!!!!). Track 13, (F. Montemurro – Brian Iele).

LSDA: Samplers, synthesizers and programming.
L-Dance (los lenguas): Singing in track 07
Nazareno Villa Abrille: Singing in track 08,
Natubella: Singing in track 12
Brian Iele: Synthesizers and programming track 13.

General and Artistic production: LSDA
Aditional production, mix and mastering: Brian Iele

Masterized @ Santa Cecilia Sound (

Design, concept and art cover: Monsieur (

LSDA - Spirituality - 2011

Track 09 – “The Sin” by LSDA

LSDA useful links:



Official website

Faces in Disguise rock/alternative/pop/experimental

March 20th, 2010 49 comments

I have stumbled upon this band and I find it very interesting, so I wanted to share it with you.

The name of the band is : Faces In Disguise. It  is a rock/alternative/pop/experimental  band that began in 2008.

This feisty band is a 4 piece formation with a mix of nationalities (Argentina/Norway and its based in Barcelona Spain) which has been working and paying non stop since they started.

The men behind the Disguise are:  Patricio Felip Insua (Lead Vocals, guitar),  Lucas Rojas Martinez (Guitar, Backing vocals), Albano Manganelli (Drums, Backing vocals), Martin Blech (Bass).

They have just released his album debut:  Niwe Rao. It was recorded in studios from Buenos Aires (El Pie), San Juan (El Hornito) – Both Argentina and in  BCN (Dehesas Viejas) –  Spain.

The band has a successful profile, an excellent background, a lot of fans and really good music, so I am sure we will see and hear it often from now on!

For more info I suggest you check its Facebook fan page or Myspace.

So don’t waste time, go to its oficial site (I linked it before) and download the new cd and get ready for the European tour the band is preparing!

Niwe Rao. cover Art

Tecnoctitlan electro-pop-rock duet with latin blood

March 13th, 2010 7 comments

I am so happy because I had the pleasure to share the stage with such talented bands/artists when I was in UK last February.

Tecnoctitlan was one of those bands that was also in the line up of EQ live party.

This  two piece formation literally rocked the stage and our ears! It was amazing!

With a rock-glam look, the sexy bitches (as they have been called, with justice) brought the house down in a short but very effective electro-pop-rock set…  yes! they had me wanting for more!

Milena in vocals and guitar,  Ariel in keyboards, vocals and programming and as a special guest, Laura Fares (Sam Sparro and Disco Damage) who played the drums with perfection, they were a great combination for the night (and the best is that the 3 of them are from Argentina, hehe).

I suggest that you check Tecnoctitlan myspace so you can read all about them, listen to their music and be alert for their upcoming release “The Feathered Snake” EP

Here you can see them in action:

Tecnoctitlan in EQ live party