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Planning the next tours!

July 17th, 2010 1 comment

My absence is justified. I am working improving the live show because I am organizing the next months… tours mainly and new songs as well. London, Amsterdam, Italy, Argentina, etc etcetcetcetc…

I will write down some of the info (places & dates) soon, so keep connected!



In Action!

SHH an electronic pop-Buenos Aires style band

February 1st, 2010 518 comments

I like to recommend this band to you. Their name is Shh and the members are Diana Huarte and Daniel Gorostegui. They are from Argentina though they are also based in London.

Their electronic pop is unique but instead of trying to describe them in a clumsy way I rather use a paragraph that I found on the Internet and reflects the spirit of this band perfectly!

“SHH is electronic pop-Buenos Aires style. Hailing originally from party city Buenos Aires, SHH creates stylish, intelligent electronic pop that’s cramed with big tunes and rampages through everything from Italo to indie, house to punk, all delivered by vocalist Di, a blond bombshell collision between Grace Jones, Lady Gaga and Iggy Pop”

They have released 2 records already with a small record label from Argentina: Oui Oui records. They are starting a small tour in London and Spain to promote the second album: “Gaucho Boy”, so if you are interested in new sounds and you are around, go and watch them playing live, you’ll enjoy the party.

Here are the dates of their tour:

February 3rd Water Monto Rats, London.

February 5th Bar Uxoa, Hondarribia.
February 6th Club Nicolette, Pamplona.
February 8th Radio 3, Madrid.
February 9th Club Costello, Madrid.
February 13th Festival of Sins, London.

For more info you can find them in SHH Myspace and SHH Facebook.

Here is picture and one of their awarded videos:


London, here I go!

January 5th, 2010 No comments

I have been planning to visit the beautiful London again and now it’s done.

I have all settled. It’ll be a business trip mainly though I will squeeze some shopping, friends and why not some football as well! (if I have time).

I’ll be promoting “Little Devil” and I will book some gigs there as well, London scene needs Natubella in action once for all!

I’m leaving in 3 days, so I will keep you posted 😉


After struggling with the programming, the electrorock show in the oven!

November 17th, 2009 4 comments

In the verge of a stress fracture I had to call to my 911 help here in Sweden!

You know I was overwhelmed with work… preparing the show, learning a lot in a very short time (you know new programs, virtual instruments, etc) and with a lot of great projects ahead… it was too much! So I did what I have to do and I called Povel Ohlsson, the other of the producers of Little Devil and I asked for some help… He is a really reaaaaaaally busy guy and this time is the worst for him because he is traveling a lot, but he managed to get some free time for me!!!

That was a huge weight removed from my back, to be honest. I was feeling the pressure in a way that was hard for me to actually enjoy my work! And I love what I do… but sometimes it can be a mess.

But no more worries, he’ll help me out so I can also focus on the rest of the things that need to be done and I have the time to share them here with you! 😛

And by the way, the cover is coooooming!!! yeaaaaaaah!

Lost in Cubase, logic pro, VTS and thousands of plugins!!!

November 9th, 2009 1,111 comments

Remember how Bill Murray was completely upside down with the time and the language in “Lost in Translation”? That’s how I feel with the programming in my Mac!
My absence from the blog is because I have been preparing a different live set, instead of the full band format I used before. Now men (woman, actually) and machine will melt together to give an exciting musical experience… actually my brain is melting literally meanwhile I am preparing the set because it’s so muuuuch and hard work! LOL

Programs, plugins, interface, bmp, MIDI, headset, VTS and many more! Names that before they were just sounds in the producers mouths now they are my only focus of attention!
Thank God I’m not alone and my friend and one of the producers of the record, Fernando Montemurro is giving me remote support! But I might need more help… so start praying 😛

That’s all for now. I promise I will write about the progress of this and I will keep you posted about the rest of my work.


nightclubbing in Stockholm!

October 10th, 2009 11 comments

Friday night, not much plans until I received a msg from my friend/producer Povel Ohlsson inviting me to a gig where he was playing.

The artist he was playing with is Johan Kinde, a Swede singer/songwriter that had his shinny moment in the late 70s’ when he was part and head of a pop band named Lustans Lakejer.

The show was interesting and the audience even better! (but I keep that for myself 😉 ). He is presenting  his new work, though I can say that he played some “oldies” due to his fan’s reactions.

Everyone had a great time! And Povel, impeccable in the drums as usual.

Here some pictures of that night!

And if you want to hear some of his music, you can go to his myspace here: Johan Kinde

Povel with Johan Kinde

Johan Kinde

Johan Kinde & Povel Ohlsson


March 16th, 2009 7 comments

Got the band ready (the Natubellos! hehehe), great musicians and really nice people! Only problem? Suuuper busy!

I am a freak control, so this stresses me out as apparently we will be rehearsing 2 days before the show.. ayayayayayayayaaaaay! I better go zen and start relaxing, otherwise I will not only fix anything but need a white cushion room! hehehe


rehearsal with drums, bass and synth

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