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Excused absence…

September 25th, 2009 21 comments

I’ve been away for some days, I know… I have been sick :(, in bed the whole week! But I can’t complain, I have been taken care of very well 😉

Today I woke up feeling a bit better, but I’m forcing myself to take it easy though, coz I know how I am. My father used to say that I had ants in my butt… I was all the time running here and there, doing stuff, feeling useful! (so imagine a whole week in bed! was like a punishment :P)

Anyway, this period has not been completely useless… I’ve had a deep chat with my Nordic King and we redefined a lot of things about work and how to continue from here, with all the projects we have, so it was positive (and in a way it helped me to recharge batteries, which I will need for all that has to be done).

Something in advance? Oh, well, videos, the cover of course, versions of some songs, remixes, shows, etcetcetc…

So keep eyes, ears and hearts open, a lot will come soon :)