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The Bridge House II, London. Successful electro party!

February 28th, 2010 9 comments

Canning Town, London.

4 Bands.

Argentina & England.

Pure Electro (with hints of pop and rock).


See it for yourself:

Shh live in "The Bridge House II", Canning Town, London

Vile Electrodes in "The Bridge House II", Canning Town, London

Electro Falco in "The Bridge House II", Canning Town, London.

Natubella in "The Bridge House II", Canning Town, London

On Argentina’s side: Shh & Natubella

On England’s side: Vile Electrodes & Electro Falco

The Venue: The Bridge House II

Vile Electrodes, in London – Hoxton Lab, EXS Party!

January 19th, 2010 710 comments

My friend Diana Huarte, lead singer of SHH (I will tell you more about them later on), took me to a cool party when I was in London.

The party was great! It’s name: EXS , organized by Hoxton lab.

I met the DJ that played that night, Kate Way, a red haired beauty that put groove and glam to the dance floor and then I saw the show of  Vile Electrodes… But instead of telling you about them, check it by yourselves:

And here, a picture of me and the singer Anais Neon after the show:

Anais Neon, Vile Electrodes & Natubella in EXS, Hoxton Lab's party, in London