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Tecnoctitlan electro-pop-rock duet with latin blood

I am so happy because I had the pleasure to share the stage with such talented bands/artists when I was in UK last February.

Tecnoctitlan was one of those bands that was also in the line up of EQ live party.

This  two piece formation literally rocked the stage and our ears! It was amazing!

With a rock-glam look, the sexy bitches (as they have been called, with justice) brought the house down in a short but very effective electro-pop-rock set…  yes! they had me wanting for more!

Milena in vocals and guitar,  Ariel in keyboards, vocals and programming and as a special guest, Laura Fares (Sam Sparro and Disco Damage) who played the drums with perfection, they were a great combination for the night (and the best is that the 3 of them are from Argentina, hehe).

I suggest that you check Tecnoctitlan myspace so you can read all about them, listen to their music and be alert for their upcoming release “The Feathered Snake” EP

Here you can see them in action:

Tecnoctitlan in EQ live party

  1. PaulieJ
    March 15th, 2010 at 23:06 | #1

    I like them! 😀

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