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The angel of death…

That’s how I often refer, ironically, about my mother or my grandma… why? Because in general every time I talk to them, they tell me about someone that has passed away… Well, now it’s my angel of death moment (my 3 last posts are the proof!)! I know, I know, the next posts will not be about dead, I promise!… but we embrace birth with joy and hope, why can’t we try to see dead from a more positive point of view… it’s still part of life, right?

Anyway I won’t make this longer. My respects and a big goodbye to Denis Hooper and to Gary Coleman.


2 small videos about them:

  1. louise
    June 9th, 2010 at 11:16 | #1

    Hello, I like your blog, Natu. Nice job! Love, L.

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