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Title of the Album

I have the list of the songs here with me… Some of them will not be included on this cd unfortunately… and that is because I run out time and I am a perfectionist!


The issue now is the title…

The whole concept is pretty clear, though I am still doubtful about the name of it. It’s not that easy, as it is my first “baby” I don’t want to make mistakes and name it wrongly!!

I went all over the songs once again and I have all the concept written down… so there is not much more to think about actually.

What do you think? I mean, the album describes duality in an individual, a couple a relationship… the good, the bad; the black the white, the yin the yang… I actually have a song that shows directly that duality and in a very fun way, so why not!

Little Devil… Little Devil…. Little Devil (I repeat it like a mantra in my head and the more I think of it the better it sounds!)… Little Devil… Little Devil… Little Devil… Little Devil..

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