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Unisoul, amazing vocal choir rehearsing my songs!

What a great experience to be surrounded by an huge vocal choir (80 persons)!!! and all together singing one of my songs along with me!!! Tomorrow is the day! I will meet UNISOUL vocal choir and rehearse “Little Devil” song with them.

They have been actually working in another song of mine, “Keep it Simple” and they are planning to perform it in their annual presentation, in 2 weeks. The director of the Choir  Cecilia Nedgård and the rest of the members invited me to participate in this presentation as well and of course I agreed but with one condition, that the choir sing with me!

We will film it, of course! So you all will be able to enjoy it as well

I’m going to rest now, I need to be fresh and relaxed tomorrow 😉


  1. MelanieS
    March 12th, 2010 at 04:02 | #1

    This reminded me when I was younger… I used to sing in a vocal choir as well…

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