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Nintendo entertainment system music videos

If you like retro and the old times like I do, and with this I’m talking of those times when a cell phone was a luxury item impossible to fit in a pocket or the faster (and only computer) was the comodore 64, then you will like these 2 videos… Both videos have a nice Nintendo flavor!

They were recommended to me and they are from 2 different artists from Sweden.

The first one is more like the style of music I listen to.  Wahlström & Valiant a Swede artistic duet or as they call themselves, the  electro-break-beat duo with a passion for retro sounds (which I totally agree).

This two guys that come from a different musical background did a good job by joining forces and mixing their styles. I am getting to know their music meanwhile I am writing here and I know they will go to my personal music library!

Check out this video, I hope you enjoy it as I did! 😉

This second artist as I said before is also from Sweden, though his roots come from South America like me.

His style is completely different to the other band I just mentioned, as he is deep into hip hop.

Pato Pooh is a young and talented artist that has been into the Swedish hip hop scene since 2002 and keeps it going. Winner of several awards and who has also a record company!!! Yes, he is 24 and he seems to be doing a great job! He writes and produces for other artists in parallel to his own music. Clap clap, chico! :).

So let’s go back to retro and check his video too. I loved it! Btw, did I forget to mention that he has just released his new album?

Enjoy 😉

  1. CharoL
    November 3rd, 2009 at 01:55 | #1

    Oh, I remember how I spent hours and hours burning my eye lashes with the Super mario! hehehehe

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